Ibajay Location
11.8170N, 122.1670E

As of May 2007:
Population - 42745
No. of Households - 7,918 (as of 2000)
Ave. Household size - 5 (as of 2000)

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A Journey to the Highest Point
- Setting: Ibajay, of course!

A short story specially written for Ibajay and her people ...
Electricity Comes to Town
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From The Best Philippine SHORT STORIES
The Old Woman of the Candles
- Setting: Ibajay.


Pre-Historic Ibajay

The villages were few and scattered peopled by hardworking stock of the Malay race. Their custom and traditions were a mixture of the Borneans and those of the aborigines of the land.Their common problem is survival. The majority of the early Ibajaynons tilled the soil for whatever crops they could raise. Herbs were planted for the sick. Those living near the sea engaged in fishing. The Ibajay river was a good source of food for inland fishing.

Bubuk-on, a sitio near the present Barangay (village) of Naile, was the foremost chiefdom. It was there, where chiefs Kabatak, Hangeo and Sadak ruled and guided the people.

The Forces of Empire Came to Ibajay

The year was 1571. The Spanish conquistadores reached Ibajay from the east and stayed for a while in preparation of the conquest of the Mohammedan city of Manila. This was the period when Legaspi recruited some Ibajaynons for an expidition to Luzon. While the preparation were in progress, the villages were grouped together in strong units.

In 1673, Don Francisco Calizo Dalisay .... Click here to continue.

A Minute Incident in the Life of a Small Town
Timeline: At the Turn of the 20th Century

There was a small American garrison at Ibajay--about seventy-five or a hundred--and the Filipinos planned to surprise and massacre them just at day-break when the reveille was sounded. But the bugler was an astute youth, with an observing mind, and as he made his morning promenade, it seemed to him that there were far too many ladies squatting about on the plaza. So he got as close to quarters as he could, and instead of blowing reveille, blew the call to arms with all his soul, and then ran for his life. The American troops swarmed out in their underdrawers and cartridge belts, and that surprise party turned right about face. The squatting women on the plaza, who were bolo-men in disguise, left for the hills with the yelling undergarmented in pursuit. A Filipino girl who saw it all described the affair to me, and said, "Abao," as she recalled the shouts of enjoyment with which the Americans returned after the fray. They seemed to regard the episode as planned to relieve the monotony of life in quarters and to give them a hearty breakfast appetite.

From: The Woman's Impression of the Philippines
by Mary Helen Fee

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